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Glenwood Laboratories Canada Ltd. opened its doors in 1984 as an adjunct Sales and Distribution office to its then parent company, Glenwood Inc. (U.S.A.). Today, it is a Canadian owned and operated company with a diverse line of medical offerings from specialty pharmaceuticals, protective and compression wound care disposables, to respiratory and CPR devices, CPR masks,oxygen masksfirst aid products, aluminium oxygen cylinders and EMS kits. Glenwood sources the finest components and products from all over the world with strict compliance with all Regulatory and Good Manufacturing Practices.


Glenwood Laboratories Canada Ltd. serves the national market of all major healthcare distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and healthcare providers.

Our Mission

Working harder to serve you better, providing quality products at excellent value. Offering the large company efficiency with a small company responsiveness and superior customer service to answer all your questions and handle all your needs.



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